Avril Lavigne

Born in Belleville, Ontario (Canada) on September 27, 1984. At 16, she moved to Manhattan and began work on her debut album. Dropping out of high school after the 11th grade, after she secured a record deal. At almost 18, she released "Complicated" from her debut album titled: "Let Go", going 6x platinum. Being a petite skater girl from a small town, she has shown how independent, full of confidence and determination she really is. Combining then provided a good combination to make "Complicated" and her a musical breakthrough. "Complicated" went to number #1 on Billboards Top 100 while also earning her 5 Grammy nominations, MTV music awards, MTV European music awards with many more.

Trade Mark
  • Bitter lyrics
  • Heavy black eyeliner and eyeshadow
  • Her pink streak

Nominations & Awards
  • Received 5 Grammy nominations, including 1 for best new artist (2003).
  • Debut album 'Let Go' is 6x platinum.
  • Won 3 MTV Asia Awards for favorite female artist, favorite breakthrough artist & style (2003).
  • Has been nominated for 6 Juno Awards (2003).
  • Her CD, "Let Go", was the third best selling album of 2002.
  • Won four Juno Awards: Single of the Year ("Complicated"), Album of the Year ("Let Go"), New Artist of the Year and Pop Album of the Year
  • Her second album is titled "Under My Skin," which has gone 2x platinum.
  • 381,000 copies were sold of her second album "Under My Skin", making it her 2nd #1 album. According to Nielsen SoundScan, it ended the #1 spot eight- week reign of Usher's "Confessions" album. "Under My Skin" album is also #1 in the UK.
  • Nominated for 3 Grammys: Song Of The Year ("I'm With You"), Best Female Pop Vocal Performance ("I'm With You") & Best Female Rock Vocal Performance ("Losing Grip") (2004).
  • Won Favorite Female Singer at the 18th Annual Kid's Choice Awards [April 2005].
  • 2005: Won 3 Juno Awards; Fan Choice Award, Artist of the Year, and Pop Album of the Year ("Under My Skin").
  • Voted #1 in Teen People's Top Hottest 21 Under 21 List [April 30th - May 1st 2005].

"I might look like a tough chick - and I am - but I'm also a hopeless romantic inside."